ZST update 6/24 - meet #3


    Hope your are realizing that our season is moving rapidly... 

    This week is the 3rd meet and we are at home! (Weavers's Pond)

    1. Practices this week 9-10am 

    Mon, Wed, Thur & Fri

    We are back on track with our normal am practice time. 

    2. Tues - Swim Meet - Singers needed - parents volunteers

    Arrive by 4:45pm - Warm up is 5-5:30am

    We are looking for some swimmer/s who can sing the national anthem. 

    If your swimmer/s would like to sing it, please notify Braham or Bella

    See attached for the parent volunteers 

    3. Concessions  - help the Make a Wish Foundation - all proceeds made will be donated 

    Attached is the concessions prices list. 

    Only cash is taken for purchase of items. 

    4. Swim Meet results JCC - last week results attached

    We are seeing some great swimming and great improvement & fabulous sportsmanship. 

    5. Info sent to away team

    Below is what we sent to the visiting team. 

    The Zebulon Dolphins welcomes Planters Walk to:

    WEAVERS POND Tuesday, June 25th, 2019

    We are looking forward to a great meet, great weather and great fun!

    Here is some information to share with your team.


    4000 Weavers Pond Dr. Zebulon, NC 27597


    Parking at pool is for visitors, first come first serve.

    Overflow parking is at 8921 Pippin Road, Wakelon Elementary School Town of Zebulon Park

    Swimmers, volunteers, etc. may be dropped off in circle at pool before parking. Please Do not park on the streets leading to either parking lot.

    We are only allowed to use this pool for meets so please help us take extra care to keep the facility in the best condition.


    • Playground
    • Soccer field
    • Water feature

    Set Up at Pool

    Enter the pool through the main clubhouse entrance only, your designated area is on the near side, to the right of the clubhouse. Zebulon Swim Team will be on the far side of the pool.  A few poolside seats will be set up for your coaching staff, but seating is very limited, so please encourage your families to bring chairs and shade tents if they would like.


    This is a 6-lane pooland has limited lights. (So we will need to combine as many heats as we can. Please have your clerk of course here as early as they can so we can meet and make any adjustments early. The deep end is ~5 ft and the shallow end is 3 ft 6 in. We will dive start at both ends, we do not have diving blocks.


    We will have a food truck available for concessions but you are welcome to bring coolers. No Glass. - ONLY cash for purchases - All proceeds going to the Make A Wish Foundation. 

    Warm Ups

    home team 5:00pm

    away team 5:30pm.

    Officials Meeting

    The officials meeting will be held at 5:45pm near the Scoring table under the pavilion to opposite the showers.

    Our TSA rep is Chip Schwengels.

    Butterfly for 6-and-Unders

    We welcome any 6-and-unders willing to swim a butterfly heat. We will be giving little treats to these little swimmers who do the whole 25 yards. Please let us know if you'll have swimmers for this event, and how many, so we can be prepared. (Also any food allergies)

    Parent/Coaches Freestyle Relay

    We invite your parents and coaches to form a couple of teams.

    We always plan to hold a coaches/parents relay, if there are enough participants we can have multiple relay teams.

    At the conclusion of the meet we like to have a team High Five before the final score is read.

    Please feel free to contact me with any questions.

    See you Tuesday!

    Chip Schwengels 919-920-0009


    TSA Rep, Zebulon Swim Team

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    Practices & Swim Meets

    All morning & evening practices will be held at the 

    Zebulon Country Club - 2424 Pearces Rd, Zebulon.

    Evening practice schedule is as follows: 

    • ages 6 & under   6:15-7:00pm 
    • ages 7-10            7:00-8:00pm 
    • ages 11 & up       8:00-9:00pm 

    Morning practices are for all ages and will run 7:45-8:45am Monday-Friday starting Thursday June 13th, 2019.

    All home swim meets will be held at the Weaver's Pond Subdivison Pool. 

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